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An Allopathy medicine company

An Allopathy Medicine Company

About us

Shahi Group has been serving the people of the country through Ayurvedic and Unani medicines for the last 10 years. Shahi Group has made its foray into the field of allopathy medicines after achieving success in the fields of Ayurvedic and Unani medicine.

A small beginning has been made in the field of allopathy medicine by the name of Withania Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

In a short span of time, we have made a name for ourselves in the fields of Ayurvedic and Unani medicine. It is always our endeavour to provide the best quality products at affordable prices to our consumers. We understand and take full care of the needs of our users. After studying the market a lot, we at Withania Pharmaceuticals have come up with products that provide relief to our consumers from common ailments like fever, cold, cough, pain, gas, acidity and a few more.

In the future, we will try to develop more products in the field of allopathy. Apart from general diseases, we will also try to bring products and injections related to other special diseases.

Our Products

An Allopathy medicine company

A small start is enough towards a better tomorrow

Nowadays, people are very much attracted towards Ayurveda and all like to include Ayurveda in their lifestyle to lead a healthy life. However, when it comes to getting instant relief, everyone opts for allopathy. Although medicine for every disease is available in Ayurveda, allopathy is still a good option to get instant relief from common to common ailments.

The purpose of starting Withania Pharmaceuticals is that the way we are trying to keep life healthy by providing Ayurveda and Unani medicines to the people, in the same way, allopathic medicines that provide immediate relief should also be made available to them.

At Withania Pharmaceuticals, we have made a small start with a few medicines that provide relief from common ailments. We hope that in the future, we will also focus on other special diseases and carry forward this small beginning for a better tomorrow.

Quality control

Our aim is to improve people’s lives with better quality medicines for common diseases like coughs, colds, fevers, gas acidity, allergies, etc. Apart from this, we have also brought some other medicines like antibiotics, calcium tablets, multivitamin capsules, etc.

With our hard work and knowledge, we strive to achieve exceptional quality standards by providing you safe products. Also, our quality policy is to provide 100% customer satisfaction, thus we work continuously through continuous improvement in our processes and systems.

Our quality assurance department ensures that quality, safety and efficacy are properly planned. The team of experts from our Quality Assurance Department ensures that the Manufacturing Department and Quality Control Department are functioning well as per the standards defined by the industry.

Availability & Affordability

We are striving to provide a healthy life to the masses so we ensure that our products reach everyone in the market. Along with this, we also aim to deliver high quality affordable medicines that can meet various medical needs and improve the lifestyle of the people.