Why need Multivitamins

Why need Multivitamins ?

In this busy life, to deal with the stress, poor sleep and dietary deficiencies in our bodies, we need essential nutrients that provide us with better health, better sleep and a strong mind. Due to this, the immunity of our body increases and we fall less sick. To meet the deficiency of nutrients in the body, we need multivitamin capsules that can supply the nutrients to the body.

What is a multivitamin?

Multivitamins are a treasure trove of various vitamins and minerals present in food sources. Multivitamins meet our daily nutritional demands and provide a daily supply of all the vitamins and minerals in the body that we do not get from our diet. The body requires 13 vitamins and 16 minerals, which we cannot fulfill through our daily diet.

Multivitamins also contain other ingredients like herbs, amino acids, and fatty acids, which are very essential for a healthy body.

Why is a multivitamin needed?

We try to eat the right foods, exercise and get better sleep, yet somehow our bodies lack essential nutrients. Multivitamin capsules are a perfect option to deal with the stress-related deficiencies in our bodies from a busy life. Multivitamins, as the name suggests, contain minerals as well as various vitamins that are very essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Multivitamins have health benefits for

(1) Increases energy level: We feel weak and lethargic when our body does not meet the nutritional norms. But by taking multivitamins and having a healthy lifestyle, we can stay energetic and fit.

(2) Boosts the Immune System: Multivitamin capsules contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin D, which are known to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are antioxidants that help reduce allergy symptoms.

(3) Preserves heart health: The heart is one of the most important organs in the body, and it is necessary to keep it healthy. Various studies have shown that taking high-quality vitamins can reduce the risk of heart disease. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, K1, niacin, and magnesium all play a role in heart health.

(4) Supports eye health: Due to the benefits of vitamin A, it is also known as the eye vitamin. It improves vision and prevents permanent eye damage.

(5) Maintains muscle strength:-Free radicals in the body are dangerous as they are mainly responsible for problems related to the ageing of muscles. These free radicals can be destroyed by the antioxidants which are present in Multivitamin Capsules.

(6) Reduces the risk of cancer: Taking multivitamins daily reduces the risk of all types of cancer. Antioxidants present in multivitamins help in the control of free radicals.

(7) Strengthens the brain: Some vitamins and fatty acids prevent memory loss. Vitamins like B12, herbal supplements, and omega 3 help in improving brain function.

(8) Helps with stress and insomnia: The vitamins and minerals present in multivitamin capsules can significantly reduce the symptoms of stress and insomnia. Vitamin B stimulates the nervous system to produce stress hormones. Getting enough vitamins and minerals can help you sleep better and reduce stress.

(9) Advantageous for healthy hair and skin: The hair needs the most care. Vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and some minerals are essential for healthy hair growth. It reduces the problem of hair fall. The antioxidants present in it help in making the skin healthy and glowing.

There are different types of multivitamin capsules available in the market. By using a good multivitamin capsule with the advice of a doctor, you can make your body healthy and fit.

 Disclaimer: Before taking any medicine, please consult your doctor.