In pain and swelling associated with fracture, trauma & injury.



Brand Withpara-SP
Form Tablet
Dose As directed by the physician
Type of medicine Allopathy
Packaging Type 10x10
Composition Aceclofenac 100mg+Paracetomal 325mg+Serratiopeptidase 15mg


Get Complete freedom from pain & inflammation

Aceclofenac : Statistically more reduction in pain intensity than diclofenac.

Paracetamol : Relieves of pains associated with many parts of the body.

Serratiopeptidase : Anti-edemic, reduces levels of dead tissues, fluid retention.


Inflammation and pain due to bone & soft tissue injury, fracture, trauma & injury withswelling, dental caries, periodontitis & tooth abscess, pain associated with tonsillits & sinusitis.